Nurko Gives His Take On Said The Sky’s “Bittersweet Melody” With Powerful Melodic Bass Remix

said the sky bittersweet melody nurko

Said The Sky continues to roll out remixes to accompany his sophomore album Sentiment.

The latest submission comes from Nurko who delivers a powerful melodic bass take on Said The Sky and FRND’s “Bittersweet Melody”.

“Bittersweet Melody” (Nurko Remix) officially lands on all streaming platforms on June 3rd, 2022 via Lowly. The track features Nurko’s quintessential melodic bass and is a bold and refreshing take on the original. The remix maintains elements from the beautiful melody on the original while delivering powerful walls of bass during euphoric drops.

Nurko had the following to say about the track: “I loved the original track so much! I made this tune on tour so a lot of this remix was made on the plane and in hotels. I thought it would be cool to implement some half time vibes instead of keeping the tune 4 to the floor like the original. I really loved the melody FRND sang in the chorus so I wanted to implement a variation of that melody into the first drop. I always love to do two different drops so for the second one, I implemented more of a lead melody rather than vocal chops which was a lot of fun!”

Nurko’s remix follows previous Sentiment remixes from the likes of Elohim, Blanke, Odea, CloudNone, and Midnight Kids that can be streamed below.


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