Nurko Smashes The Remix Game With His New Rendition Of ILLENIUM’s “Take You Down”

ILLENIUM Take You Down Nurko Remix

New Jersey-based DJ/Producer Nurko just put out his remix of ILLENIUM’s “Take You Down” and there are several reasons for you to drop it on your repeat playlist.

News about the remix was first heard on 9th of May when the producer announced its release with anticipation filled teaser.

This rendition of “Take You Down” certainly rivals the original on all levels. With many remixes, producers tend to guide their audience in a different direction and often ignore the original’s soul. But this rendition is far from the usual, it provides the same warmth that the original delivered.

The record emphasizes on the strong vocals and amplifies its presence through mellowing melodies and a strong future bass climax. Generous use of string sections can be seen all across the rendition. It helps in keeping the organic vibe coursing through the entirety of the listening experience. Pulling off a remix better than original is very rare and that’s what makes this rendition one in a million. Give it a listen.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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