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nurve's life in music

Nurve has just unleashed an explosive eighth release on his self-titled music imprint and it pays homage to his love affair with the late ninety’s, early noughties drum & bass era.

A co-founder of grime collective Macabre Unit and Education & Bass mentor, his two sided single ‘Cut Me And I Bleed / 32 Lies’ is a return to form for the producer, with the type of breakdowns and eerie atmospherics which have made him a force to be reckoned with.

And to celebrate, we enlisted Nurve to give us a breakdown of the tracks he’s currently spinning in his Spotify playlists. Check out the playlist below, and listen/download his new single here

Here’s Nurve’s life in music –

The Wholls – X21: This band is from my hometown and I am friends with all of them but in particular the lead singer, he is like family. This track just gets me from every angle and I can’t put my finger on it which is how I know it’s special.

Konflict – Messiah: When I was a young up and coming DJ I got my first serious gig supporting Grooverider in my hometown of Bedford at a small venue called Esquires.

The night was insane and then Grooverider went and ended it by playing this track as the last song of the night. 3 rewinds later and a dubplate that was well and truly on it’s way to being worn out, the icing was well and truly on the cake. Memorable to say the least.

MGMT – Kids: I have no idea what kind of scientific wizardry went on when this track was made (probably LSD) but If I start listening to it I find it hard to move past it. That quirky synth melody is just magic!

The Weeknd – Save Your Tears: I am an absolute sucker for 80s music, being an 80s baby and all, and this track just encapsulates that whole new romantic era which I absolutely love.

Capone – Tudor Rose: When this tune came out on Hardleaders I was actually lost for words and that doesn’t happen often. Dillinja aka Capone was absolutely destroying the scene at the time and this was just him playing with everyone’s emotions. Savage!

Bad Company – Dogs On The Moon: This tune has the most simplest intro and then it just explodes into this barrage of synthetic warfare. It feels like the basses are just having a casual conversation with one another at the bar. Mental!

The Supremes – You Can’t Hurry Love: I mean come on… If you don’t wanna get up and just click your fingers and move your feet like you are a true 60s don then I have no idea what is wrong with you. This one is out to my mum RIEP.

Roni Size – Hi Potent: Everyone loved ‘Brown Paper Bag’ but for me, this was the one! I felt it was very under the radar as far as Roni’s tracks go and it was a tough one to drop in a Dj set due to its unique nature but from a listening perspective, it is pure majestic.

Dj Die – Special Treat: Seen as we are on a Bristol tip it would be rude not to mention this banger. When this came about there was not one Dj who didn’t drop this at the rave. Such a fun bit of music from an absolute don of a producer!

Optical – Moving 808s: And last but certainly not least, Moving 808s! I first heard this on Fabio & Grooveriders one in the Jungle show when I was a kid and I think that was a defining moment for me as a young aspiring creative.

I remember going to my local record store and asking the guy behind the counter for it and he said “you’re a bit young (I was 16) for this sort of sound ain’t ya?” and then he handed it over. As a 39 year old man I can comfortably say that Optical is one of my musical heroes and if it wasn’t for his sound and influence, I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. Big up Optical!

Hannah Helbert


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