Multi-Faceted Producer And Vocalist Nytrix Unveils Melodic Bass Anthem “To Another World”

nytrix to another world

After two years, producer Nytrix returned to Monstercat today with his vulnerable bass single, “To Another World.”

As his first solo track on the label following previous collaborations with Au5, the record mirrors the concept behind the music video of juxtaposing light and dark with airy melodic chords and deep bass tones.

The new single also features his own emotive vocals which he recorded four years ago as a demo for other artists, but felt they would be best homed on one of his own tracks. Nytrix made his ADE debut in October as a special guest for Victor Tellagio at the Hexagon show, and will continue to light up crowds next year with his soaring melodies and cyberpunk aesthetic.

Nytrix shares, “Lyrically, the song talks about each person in a relationship, showing different worlds they didn’t know about each other, and experiencing different qualities of themselves for the first time. It has this hot and cold, back and forth energy of each person entering a new emotional space and leaving behind a familiar emotional space, to experience one another.. Sometimes, in really dynamic relationships, we find ourselves changing to experience a newer and deeper level of our emotional selves – this isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it does happen, and can be extreme, and that’s what this song & visual represents.”


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