Odsen And Katrine Stenbekk Release Beautiful Melodic House Single “Horizon”

odsen horizon

Spanish melodic house producer Odsen and Norwegian singer-songwriter Katrine Stenbekk returned to Monstercat Silk today, with their vibrant collaborative single, “Horizon.”

The warm guitar chords and soft keys blend perfectly with Katrine’s breathtaking vocals, accentuating the lush instrumental layers within the track. The deep basses, crisp percussion, and house-inspired drums sustain a gentle energy reminiscent of Odsen’s signature melodic sound. Drawing inspiration from the internal struggle with negative thoughts and self-doubt, the lyricism in “Horizon” encourages listeners to step out of their comfort zone and accept setbacks as learning experiences.

Odsen shares, “To me, this record is very special. I have an intense emotional attachment to it and being able to work with an incredible vocalist like Katrine is definitely a privilege. This might be my favourite track I’ve ever released.”

Katrine Stenbekk adds, “I originally wrote the lyrics and melody for a different track but it didn’t seem to hit home so it was put back on the shelf for quite some time. Then I met Odsen and he somehow solved the puzzle. His arrangement and production embrace the melody and lyrics so well and everything balances out nicely.”


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