Oliver Heldens Remixes Katy Perry’s Glorious ‘Daisies’

katy perry daisies oliver heldens remix

With over 90 million streams across DSPs in less than a month since it’s release, Katy Perry’s epic new single ‘Daisies’ has been one of the big hits of the last few weeks.

While her pop sensibilities and soaring vocals shine through as strongly as ever on the track, its understated ballad style and spacious drum hits made it a track that was screaming out for a high-energy remix, leading Capitol Records and Perry to call on Rotterdam’s finest, Oliver Heldens, who steps up to the task and delivers in style.

A tight house beat is met head-on by a rubbery, elastic bassline in his rework, with Perry’s dulcet verse vocals paired perfectly with warm synth chords. The chorus unfolds over commanding piano chords that play out a joyous melody, with subtle strings doubling up as she sings her heart out. Her cries of “Daisies!” lift higher and higher, giving an explosive feel to each and every drop and twist of the track.

In other news, Heldens delighted fans this month with his special live stream from Amsterdam’s prestigious Royal Concertgebouw as part of the Digital Mirage Online Festival, debuting no less than seven brand-new tracks in the process.

Katy Perry ‘Daisies (Oliver Heldens Remix)’ is out now.


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