Our favourite songs from Dada Life’s new album – Our Nation [PLAYLIST]


Swedish DJ duo comprising Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, known as Dada Life have returned with a new album – Our Nation, after a long wait of 6 years. They are loved by fans for their humour and the energetic live performances. And for those of you who didn’t know, the duo has patented its own genre “Happy Face Music.”

This is what they had to say about their new genre, “During the past year, we’ve been working on creating our new recorded album. In doing so we realized that not only were we creating new compositions but we have actually invented a new genre of music. It’s called Happy Face Music. The music actually has a unique and direct correlation to the listeners mood and facial expressions.”

Well, the 11 track LP was released recently, and we couldn’t have been more excited to listen to the tunes put out by the banana lovers.

After listening to the album on repeat, here are our picks from the album:

Our Nation

‘Our Nation’ is a hard-hitting banger that leads the album, and we can totally imagine the duo opening their festival sets with this thumping track.

Sunday F**k You Too (feat. Anthony Mills)

As the title suggests, this track expresses Dada Life’s hatred for the end of the weekend. This energetic tune and has great vibes and is also the duo’s favourite track from the album.

Higher Than The Sun

This is easily the grooviest track produced by Dada Life. It is an illuminating electro-house melody, which one would listen to while sipping Pina Colada on a yacht. After considering that it was produced alongside Daft Punk collaborator – Mick Guzausk, we shouldn’t be surprised by the uplifting elements of this tune.

Do It Till Your Face Hurts

‘Do It Till Your Face Hurts’ was produced with the festival mainstage in mind. The duo is well known for producing such signature dancefloor tunes. The blazing synth lines and the galloping snare build ups perfectly enhance the electro house banger. This tune will not fail to inject energy into any festival set.

The World Can Burn (feat. Max White)

This 120 BPM house tune featuring emotional & soothing vocals from Max White is a mandatory track in your driving playlist. Dada Life has set a perfect example by showing how one can produce mellow yet energetic tunes without resorting to pop.

Falling Backwards In Time (feat. RABBII)

This track comes as a surprise as it is unlike any signature Dada Life produced tracks. However, it is a soft and a brilliant orchestral tune that shows how versatile the duo is when it comes to producing music.

Listen to the complete album here.

Did listening to this music give you a ‘happy face’? Let us know what your favourites are below.

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