Noisia – Outer Edges (Noisia Remixes) EP


Noisia reveal the much-anticipated ‘Outer Edges Noisia Remixes’ EP. The 5 track release features their new remixes of ‘Voodoo’, ‘Tommy’s Theme’, ‘Dead Limit’, ‘Diplodocus’, and ‘Surfaceless’; each of the tracks having been a major highlight of their recent Outer Edges audio visual shows.

Grab the entire package here.

“We’ve recently been playing some of our own new remixes during the ‘Outer Edges’ audiovisual shows and decided to make them release worthy. We treated ‘Voodoo’ (our personal favorite at the moment), ‘Dead Limit’, ‘Diplodocus’, ‘Tommy’s Theme’ and ‘Surfaceless’. Hope you enjoy!” – Noisia

With summer dates now fully announced, the Dutch electronic music trio will next be taking their Outer Edges show – featuring their biggest production set-up yet – to ‘We Are Electric Weekender (17/6), Glastonbury, where they’ll also play 2 DJ sets (21-25/6) Roskilde (1/7), Nass Festival (7/7), Exit (8/7), Dour (14/7), Dreambeach (12/8), and Frequency (15/8). Full forthcoming Outer Edges and DJ dates can be found here.

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