P A R T I K L Unveils ‘Gang’ EP

p a r t i k l gang

Next up on Incursion Recordings, we have P A R T I K L with 2 absolute hammer tracks to kick off the new year.

This Rave-ready record is inspired by the likes of Wulflock, NuBass, and others and pulls no punches.

Both tracks take an aggressive stance and a firm focus on moving the dancefloor, whilst “Gang” leans into a more brutal sound, “Baby” takes things in a darker direction.

Releasing this January 21st on Incursion Recordings, start your year with a blast from P A R T I K L.

In The Artists Own Words – “This EP is all about me trying to create a real heavy and aggressive sounding pair of tracks that take inspiration from a number of UK Bass artists whilst also trying to put my own spin on the genre. The title track ‘Gang’ being the heavier of the two with a gritty driving bass that hopefully helps progress the track, with a mixture of both house and trap elements in the drums section, which is becoming more of a staple of my tunes. ‘Baby’ is a tune that I have attempted to make several times in the past and always struggled to get right but I’m super happy with how the tracks sound and how it has this real dark and aggressive feel to it, whilst also having enough energy for ravers to move along to.”

Artist Quote – “From Incursion: These two tracks encapsulate the raw, meaty, and aggressive style that P A R T I K L has perfected, shelling the raves with nutty energy!”

Track Listing:

1. P A R T I K L – Gang
2. P A R T I K L – Baby


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