Panteros666 Hurls Through An Infinite Loop On Techno-Meets-Trance Single “Cyberlink 2XL” Featuring Zoe

panteros666 cyberlink 2xl

Paris-based producer Panteros666 is back on HARD Recs with the captivating Eurodance-inspired “Cyberlink 2XL,” featuring Australian country-pop artist Zoee.

The track marks his third release with the label since last year, following “Boa Reconstructor” and “Let UwU Go.”

“Cyberlink 2XL” is another impressive installment of the y2k-inspired, rave-forward catalog that Panteros666 has been meticulously building. Zoee’s entrancing vocals anchor the track, with her lyrics serving as an open invitation to escape the matrix. The light, airy vocals are processed and looped throughout, allowing her tone to shift from organic and pop-friendly to commandingly robotic. The production is expertly built around the hook, providing the perfect complement. The climbing dream synth arps, euphoric pads, and ethereal choir harmonies lend the track its heavenly trance atmosphere. Upping the ante, thumping kicks, pulsating basslines, and panning vox leads are intertwined with the energetic drops, providing a harder dance edge that’s still balanced against Zoee’s mesmerizing vocals and the evolving melodics. “Cyberlink 2XL” teleports listeners into a cloud-filled rave that drifts between divine and dancy.

Panteros666 speaks on the meaning behind his new single, saying, “With ‘Cyberlink2XL,’ i wanted to craft an auditory experience that captures the essence of how we perceive our modern world as chaotic and uncertain. Working with Zoee was the key to making it alive and feel like a synthetic poem, melancholic yet positive, and enticing.”

Paris-based producer Panteros666 is creating his own lane in the electronic music sphere, built around his love for Eurodance and Y2K internet influence. Renowned for merging catchy hooks with enthralling melodies and an energetic aesthetic, the talented producer has amassed support from DJ Heartstring, Narciss, Horsegiirl, TDJ, I Hate Models, Boys Noize, Anna Lunoe, t e s t p r e s s, and more. His upcoming schedule is packed with performances at EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer Music Festival, La Rhapsodie (Paris), and DopamineWifi (Paris), in addition to supporting Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at Elsewhere (NYC).

“Cyberlink 2XL” fuses Panteros666’s addictive upbeat signature with Zoee’s magnetic vocals for a truly dreamy rave anthem.

Panteros666’s new single “Cyberlink 2XL” is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.


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