Party Favor Links Up With DeathbyRomy For “Hollow”

party favor hollow

With only ten days until his full album release, Party Favor gives fans one more single from his upcoming sophomore album project – “Hollow” with DeathbyRomy is out now.

Party Favor describes “Hollow” as his “very own Nine Inch Nails moment” – a sonic journey through brooding, sad, euphoric and epic feels all at once.

“To me this song perfectly encapsulates the entire album. It’s haunting, it’s dark, it’s big, but there’s still an element of fun in it. In a way I was inspired by the tones and subject matter of 90’s rock. It’s the darker side of the coin that “Save Me” lives on. Once I had most of the ideas down, Romy came in and delivered the most perfect and badass vocal for this song to tie a little black bow on it,” says Party Favor on the single.

DeathbyRomy adds: “The lyrics of Hollow touch on my own willingness to numb that dark side within me that I’d rather not face, which I feel many can relate to…’s easier to suppress, than allow the pain to surface. But the comfort one can find within themselves through tough times is the most powerful of all, and that’s what this track is about.”

So far, the singles from Party Favor’s ‘RESET’ album have spanned all types of genres and sounds, which is reflective of Party Favor’s new creative direction. But the pieces of the puzzle come together perfectly on the full album project as the 14-track album is an amalgamation of styles, genres and sounds both old and new, a true reset on the settings the storied artist may have been boxed into before.

With a well-established history of creating chart-topping and genre-defining trap music, garnering half a billion streams across platforms over his catalog, Party Favor used the global pandemic as an opportunity to take a step back from his hectic schedule, reevaluate himself, and find the time to evolve and grow both as a person and artist that he never had before.

RESET presents a distillation of this evolution and shows him striking down a whole new path, demonstrating his keen songwriting abilities, an instinctive ear for melodies, and impeccable dance floor sensibility, all melded together with his signature sounds and some nostalgic rave flair hearkening back to his earliest influences. The album truly is a mental and musical reset for Party Favor as he enters the new era of his extensive career, and sees him exploring his most personal and vulnerable themes to date including anxiety, love, and loss.

Party Favor Tour Dates

06/10: The Vanguard (Orlando, FL) / PF
06/12: Marquee Dayclub (Las Vegas, NV) / SP
06/16: Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN) / SP
06/17: Tao Beach Club (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
06/19: Beyond Wonderland: The Gorge (George, WA) / SP
06/21: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
06/25: Electric Forest (Rothbury, MI) / SP
06/30: Hakkasan (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
07/01: TIME Nightclub (Costa Mesa, CA) / PF
07/05: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
07/08: FVDED In The Park (Vancouver, BC) / SP
07/09: Audiotistic Bay Area (Mountain View, CA) / SP
07/10: Maya Day & Nightclub (Scottsdale, AZ) / PF
07/15: Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) / SP
07/23: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
07/29: Temple (Denver, CO) / PF
07/30: Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) / SP
07/30: Concord Music Hall (Chicago, IL) / SP
07/31: HARD Summer (San Bernardino, CA) / SP
08/02: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
08/05: Breakaway (Kansas City, MI) / SP
08/06: ileSoniq (Montreal, QC) / SP
08/12: FWD Day + Nightclub (Cleveland, OH) / SP
08/13: Ever After Music Festival (Oro Station, ON) / SP
08/19: Breakaway (Grand Rapids, MI) / SP
08/20: WTR Pool (Tampa, FL) / PF
08/21: Marquee Dayclub (Las Vegas, NV) / SP
08/23: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
08/25: Eastside Bowl – Deep Tropics Afterparty (Nashville, TN) / SP
09/02: The Grand (Boston, MA) / PF
09/03: Trio (Charleston, SC) / PF
09/04: Electric Zoo (New York, NY) / SP
09/09: Omnia (Las Vegas, NV) / PF
09/18: Imagine Festival (Rome, GA) / SP
10/13: Armory (Minneapolis, MN) / SP
10/28: The Midway (San Francisco, CA) / SP
10/29: Escape (San Bernardino, CA) / SP
02/24: EDC Mexico / SP


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