Patrice Bäumel – Glutes


Patrice Bäumel is on fire right now. Top remix after top remix and now he gears up for his debut on Afterlife with an impeccable two tracker.

Hypnotic styled cuts which will get all the plays they deserve & then some. ‘Glutes’ is peak-time material without being overly fast or chaotic, the energy instead coming from the transportive arrangement and emotive melodic content. The same can be said for Bäumel’s ‘Surge’ on Kompakt, an anthem in the sets of Tale Of Us last year which led to this release.

Listen to Glutes here:

The title track rises and falls, surging with wide-sweeping synth notes and a steady rhythm to anchor the waves. An infectious refrain pulls you further in and, right on cue, the kick drum continues to beat the sweet spot. ‘Engage’ is filled with similarly subtle details, uplifting arpeggios and atmospheric reverb. Half-way through the melody bursts into life, shining brightly through the haze and creating one of those moments of release that make the Afterlife sound work so well on a dancefloor.


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