Label Veterans Pegboard Nerds Team Up With Producer Kiz Keyz For Heavy Bass Single “Bad Luck”

pegboard nerds bad luck

Fan-favourite duo Pegboard Nerds have teamed up with the multi-faceted artist Kiz Keyz, for their debut collaboration “Bad Luck,” out today on Monstercat.

Fusing rock-fueled instrumentals with punchy vocals from Kiz, the heavy-hitting bass anthem is a perfect fit for adrenaline-pumping film and TV soundtracks. Following their Cheat Code Collaboration Contest and a string of successful singles on the label including “Shine”, “Multiverse”, and “Come Together”, Pegboard Nerds continue to carve new paths in the dance circuit as multiverse tastemakers.

Pegboard Nerds share, “We love a good challenge to try out new things and explore genres and sounds we haven’t done before. “Bad Luck” is way out of our comfort zone so we are very happy with how it turned out.”


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