Mark Lower Shares Upbeat Disco Remix Of Peppermint Heaven

peppermint heaven christmas day mark lower

L.A-based, indie-pop production and songwriting duo Peppermint Heaven release two brand new remixes of their single ‘Christmas Day’, which is featured on their self-titled fourth studio album released this year.

The album showcases the duo’s ability in writing catchy indie-pop and 80’s-leaning tracks that are a testament to their ongoing success. The duo has garnered 10 million+ streams on Spotify alone with over 100k monthly listeners, proving the depth of audience for their accomplished sound.

The first remix comes from Colorado-based, synthwave producer DRYVE. Self-described as an “80s junkie”, DRYVE brings his signature sound to full force on this remix. Driven by an arpegatied rumbling bassline, DRYVE adds all the elements for an 80s retrowave throwback from the thumping gated reverb snare, 80’s synth tom roll and lush synth stabs.

French-based nu-disco DJ, producer and remixer Mark Lower brings the party to his remix of Peppermint Heaven’s single ‘Christmas Day’. With his high-energy house drum groove, Lower crafts an infectious bassline with a twinkling arpeggiated synth before breaking down the track with nu-disco soundscapes and open synth chords.


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