L.A Songwriting Duo Peppermint Heaven Share New EP ‘Rocktropolis’

peppermint heaven rocktropolis

L.A duo Juno and Spark, AKA Peppermint Heaven – have spent the past decade creating synth-wave, indie and pop with a distinctly 80’s influence.

Now, we see the duo lean into their love of glam rock on the new EP ‘Rocktropolis’.

Produced by Peppermint Heaven and mixed by multi-platinum mixer/producer Brian Reeves (Selena Gomez, SimpleMinds, Giorgia Moroder, Pet Shop Boys & more) – the track forebodes a change in sound for the producer duo, drawing on emphatic, lead guitar riffs and upbeat production.

Throughout the track, we hear Peppermint Heaven’s distinctive funky bass lines provide the foundation for an exquisite production. Speaking on ‘1-2’3’, Spark states:

Peppermint Heaven has garnered 10 million+ streams on Spotify alone with over 50k monthly listeners, proving the depth of audience for their accomplished sound. Their wide range of collaborations has also led to support from the likes of CLASH, Data transmission, Magnetic Magazine, and plenty more. ‘1-2-3’ is the first turn in a new direction for Peppermint Heaven, ahead of the ‘Rocktropolis’ EP. Speaking on the new project, Spark states:

“In the making of Rocktropolis, we wanted to do a tribute to the past, as well as give a strong message to the present and future about what we could all do to help the world. ​​Juno’s lead singing in this EP is strong and can lead into the future to inspire all!” – Spark


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