[PREMIERE] Arcatype release a stunning techno infused roller on CIA Records


During the initial explosion of drum & bass, labels like CIA have helped define the genre and shape its trends from the very beginning. Having been involved with the scene for over a decade, alongside its label bosses Total Science, they’ve time and time again provided a creative hub for like-minded pioneers and artists who are only just creating their place within its trenches.

And for their next offering, CIA are bringing London and Manchester based trio Arcatype into the imprint’s groundbreaking roster for forthcoming EP ‘Narrative’. It features four-tracks of articulate and finely crafted drum & bass, highlighting the sonic appeal of Arctatype and the versatility shown through CIA’s discography.

From the trio’s stunning EP, we are bringing the opener, ‘Hämeenlinna’. The techno infused roller sets the tone for the EP, drawing out on rising synth, flickers of metallic percussion and swatches of rattling bass stabs, before it finally breaks into a driving rhythm.

The track provides a different side to Arcatype, one which was crafted through the merging of three minds. Given a creative hub by the likes of CIA Records, they’re looking to extend their influence across the drum & bass world’s taste-makers; that’s something their forthcoming EP will certainly help achieve.

Download it here.

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