PREMIERE: Carl Radke Stars In Music Video For Lauren Mayhew’s “Boys”

lauren mayhew boys

Lauren Mayhew returns to the release radar with ‘Boys’, her first release of 2021 featuring production courtesy of New York City-based DJ/producer INViDA.

The latest from the duo follows up ‘Lies’, their collaborative endeavor released alongside L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kymber McClay at the tail end of last February. The new tune also directly succeeds Mayhew’s ‘We Are Home’ featuring Moroccan talent Mariline from early August of last year. Out now on Tipsy Records, ‘Boys’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

‘Boys’ immediately kicks off with a punch, featuring Mayhew’s commanding vocal alongside a propulsively driving beat. The catchy rhythm is quickly introduced into the space, accompanied by hefty, in-your-face basslines and warbly synths. A wholly inclusive, quintessential party anthem, the track audibly evokes a sensual playfulness, effortlessly enticing the listener with each passing second. Primed with the dancefloor top-of-mind, this exhilarating four-on-the-floor rinser is a certified hit.

“I met Lauren in New York at a Gary V pizza night a couple years ago. I’ve always been a music guy so when she told me about the “Boys” video concept, I was stoked to get involved. I loved the song and, given my involvement with Loverboy [a better-for-you alcohol brand], I figured I could provide the cast and crew with some drinks during the shoot. Shooting in Long Island City was awesome! There’s something about city roofs that make for such a cool backdrop.“ – Carl Radke (Summer House, Loverboy)

The music video perfectly matches the fun energy prevalent throughout the tune, visually capturing the true sense of the three-minute original production with ease. It also prominently features Carl Radke front-and-center, one of the stars from Summer House, the hit Bravo reality TV series coming up on its fifth season at the top of this February. Additionally, it was innovatively shot with a state-of-the-art robotic camera arm, the MIA, one of Portland, Oregon-based Motorized Precisions’ newer tech products. From start to finish, it features a raucous party rife with an infectious intensity that doesn’t let up. The breakdown quickly pans to Mayhew behind the decks in an atmospheric, light-up LED room and on top of a roof, ultimately rounding out the overall party vibe of the music video with her hard-hitting DJ delivery.


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