PREMIERE: Close To Monday Share Ron Flatter Remix Of Their Globally Adored Track ‘Time’

close to monday time ron flatter

Emerging European Synthpop band Close To Monday have been breezing through career milestones at breakneck speed since their inception as a collective in 2020.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Interference’, with the inclusion of vocalist Any, the eclectic outfit return to the release radar to share a remix of the LP’s star track ‘Time’, courtesy of established German producer Ron Flatter.

Close To Monday’s original opus of ‘Time’ offers a journey of introspection for the listener; an emotive downtempo cut which highlights the band’s mastery for synthwork.

With the aim to communicate a ‘photo of feelings’ to their audience and provide a relatable narrative with their music, the tastemaker collective intertwine serenity and joy with the awareness of reality.

Existing between the realms of deep house and techno, Ron Flatter’s edit of ‘Time’ takes on a new identity from its counterpart. His perspective is a refreshing take on the original, injecting an ominous edge which results in a decisively alternative listening journey. Introducing a raw and assertive bassline, Ron’s entrancing rework fulfills the cut’s main concept of time, building anticipation for an intoxicating synth lead moment in its final quarter.

The exemplary vocals of Any have been given a futuristic makeover, whilst still encompassing the body and feel of its original motive. Still firmly tethered to the roots of its primary, Ron’s unbridled creativity has served an entrancing composition, founded on euphoric melodies and dark undertones.

“The original track ‘TIME’ was born in Rome, known as the ‘Eternal City’. The walls and streets have witnessed so many events that this city can actually be associated with eternity, with the inevitable but constant passage of time. Time often scares people, especially those who do not know what to do with it. Time is not our enemy, but our ally. Each of us must decide how to use this gift of the universe – the time that is given to us” – Close To Monday



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