Premiere: Coki – Elevate


Dean Harris, aka Coki is arguably one of the biggest artists of the dubstep movement.

If there is a producer that exemplifies the raw and aggressive side of dubstep, it is Coki. Either solo or as part of Digital Mystikz, he has been destroying dancefloors and releasing game changing records for over a decade, long ago solidifying his role as a founding father of dubstep. Coki’s sound was rooted in the melting pot of early 2000s London – jungle, garage and dub. Owning a unique musical style, which has always captivated and baffled his fans in equal measure, he has used the last few years developing and expanding into new areas.

The next step in this journey comes in the form of “Heights”, a joint EP with long-time friend and collaborator Trixx released on his imprint Kudos Records. It is no secret that Coki lists reggae, dance-hall and early dub as his biggest influences, however over the 7 tracks which make up the Heights EP they are delved into even deeper than ever before. The heavy usage of dub basslines and horns is apparent in the EP with its modulated synth lines, murky bass and intersecting horn riffs.

“Elevate” is an example of Coki’s exploration of the dub and reggae sounds which were instrumental in the creation of dubstep. Elevate delivers the heavier Coki sound many are accustomed to and it will send you into ‘straight into the feels’ mode , and will no doubt be responsible for many rewinds in the rowdiest of sets.

Download ‘Elevate’ here.

Heights EP is a testament to Coki’s musicality and delivers what all those waiting for the collaboration between him and Trixx so desired.

Download ‘Heights EP’ here.

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