PREMIERE: Intro To Music Theory’s Lead Single From “First Inversion”

intro to music theory first inversion

Innovative Hainan, China-based duo Intro To Music Theory are back with ‘First Inversion’, the multifaceted DJ/production pair’s debut album.

We have the opportunity to premiere ‘The California Almond’, their first lead single released ahead of the LP late last month.

The nearly four-and-a-half minute atmospheric endeavor immediately kicks off with a flowing, wholly infectious rhythm. Entrancing from start to finish, the funky, feel-good tune quickly introduces various instrumentation into the sonic space, in addition to chopped vocal cuts that add an energetically enticing flair. In all, the latest to come from IMT is an eclectic and lively original house music production that boasts an ambiance that is equal parts mellow and upbeat, an audibly perfect combination courtesy of the innovatively talented duo.

“The California Almond channels the freedom of a Pacific Coast Highway road trip and the reliably funky brass sections of the 70s.” – Into to Music Theory


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