PREMIERE: Kritix gives a menacing flip to Deuce & Charger’s summertime anthem, ‘Never Out of Sight’

deuce & charger never out of sight kritix remix

It’s just June 2020, and we have already seen some stunning releases from Deuce & Charger this year.

Starting with moody and atmospheric tunes like ‘Shadowplay’ and ‘Stay Tonight’, to the sunshine-soaked number ‘Lies’, and their recent vocal-led anthem ‘Never Out of Sight’, the duo hasn’t put a foot wrong with their releases.

‘Never Out of Sight’ was celebrated by some of the biggest names in the realm of melodic Drum & Bass, and just under a month of the original release, the duo has received a complete flip to their euphoric summer-time roller by Kritix.

Signed to labels like Mayan Audio and Eatbrain Records, Alex Burkett aka Kritix has mastered the art of whisking up dark rollers full of powerful bass lines and tearing dance floor beats. Kritix’s techy sounds have seen his music supported by Industry heavyweights of the Neurofunk Drum & Bass scene.

For his bootleg of Deuce & Charger’s tune, Kritix will end his long hiatus from Drum & Bass with a re-work full of intricate drum patterns, pitched-down vocals, and his trademark production techniques into a sinister Neurofunk roller. Watch out for the tantalising breakdown before the ferocious second drop!

Never Out Of Sight (Kritix Remix) – Lost Together Music [NTM Mastered] by Deuce & Charger

Stream Never Out Of Sight (Kritix Remix) – Lost Together Music [NTM Mastered] by Deuce & Charger from desktop or your mobile device

The remix will be out on Lost Together Music on 26th June. Pre-save the tune here.

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