[PREMIERE] Teddy Killerz – Release Me


We have a real treat for all you bass fanatics out there. I am sure you all are eagerly awaiting the debut album of Teddy Killerz. Entitled “Nightmare Street”, it is set to be released on 2nd June 2017 on RAM Records.

The album has been in the works for about 2 years, finally we get a taste of what’s to come. We proudly present the premiere of “Release Me”, taken from their forthcoming album.

Let me tell you right from the get go that this is a dancefloor smasher and you are going to love it! The story unfolds as suspense unwinds along with the delicate echoes partnered with crisp hats, caressing your ears. An arisen gust, sweeps us into beautiful vocals. Heart beats race as the tension builds while we follow her vocal trail, feet tapping to the coming beat, ready for the transition. We are attuned to a short beat, then gently dropped. Afterwards a robotic voice initiates the build-up phase of the track. Unfiltering the sinful lead, drawing you in closer to the climax, coupled with the vocals, drums rolling, until we are released into the drop. Oh yes we hear the elements of complextro, glitch hop, drum and bass, indeed all of these sub genres are intertwined, perfectly harmonised together by Teddy Killerz. Aggressive mechanical basslines meet reese basslines on top of a punchy beat loop, making you lose your minds. We soon transition into a little breather at the breakdown of the song, where we can sing along to the lyrics, swaying to a futuristic synth melody and break beat. Onto the second and final drop, once again we let those bursts of bass take over ending with a robotic vocal.

Primarily, we know Teddy Killerz for their unique drum and bass style, however they have shown they are a diverse bunch of bass music producers. Churning out a track such as this shows their ability to bring together various styles of music, creating a smasher, while still remembering their signature sound that we love. This is definitely a song for you to add to your summer anthems. Judging from “Release Me”, we know that Teddy Killerz debut album, “Nightmare Street”, is going to be sizzling.

Pre-order the album, on iTunes.

You can pre-save the album on Spotify.


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