[Premiere] TOPAZ – Bloodshot Eyes


Hailing from Chicago, TOPAZ unleashes a hypnotic sound that cannot be ignored. Structuring incredible compositions, he evolves into a triumphant physician, identifying the perfect antidote for that midday slump, illuminating the beauty of discovery with his latest release, “Bloodshot Eyes”.

A single which fuses various genres for a feel good and rhythmic experience, a myriad of audiences can enjoy. Capitalizing on versatility, the track remains unpredictable yet pleasurable. Something to be enjoyed during downtime and a night out on the town, TOPAZ noted that,

“After releasing two EPs over the years I’m very excited to finally share the first single taken from my debut album – ‘Faux Linear.’ The album is a culmination of all the ups and downs of my last year and represents the apex of the aesthetic I’ve tried to create with my music.”

The highly anticipated release showcases the musician’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to producing and nothing highlights this more than his latest works. Hallucinatory melodies weave in and out of reality and fantasy, completely submersing listeners in a web of funk.



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