Adriatique – Soul Valley EP [Release Date: TBA]

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Zurich-based DJ/producer duo Adriatique return to home-grown label Cityfox for another release.

‘Soul Valley’ is a double-sided EP that perfectly displays the kind of detail-orientated, evocative house that Adriatique have become associated with.

The first track, ‘Soul Valley’, is a rolling, 9:19 minute journey through the more soulful shades of electronic music; skittering percussion and a brooding bassline underpin the production, with a deep, descending chord scale forming the melodic backbone as higher and lower pitched elements move in and out as the track unfolds.

It’s followed up by ‘Understnd’ on the B-side, which begins as a more straight-up affair. A clock-like, cold wooden knock supported by a staccato bass forms the beat, offset by atmospheric, echoing synths and offbeat percussive twists. The track strips down about a third of the way through to reveal a distorted melody and the eponymous vocal sample.

Both tracks emanate the duo’s production capabilities and flare – the EP ‘Soul Valley’ cementing Adriatique’s relationship with respected Zurich & New York based label Cityfox as the most sought after masters.

Listen to Adriatique – Soul Valley EP below.

About Adriatique

Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, better known as sharp edged DJ/production duo Adriatique began their journey in 2008 and have since ascended into the dance music community in a blend of deep melodies and techno.

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