Giorgia Angiuli – Underskin Harmony [Available August 8]


Life is a big playground, full of emotions and energy. Giorgia Angiuli is one of these artists, who is using all facets of it in her music.

Dark and sunny, smooth and hard – everything is possible in the stories she is telling on simple instruments combined with electronic sounds. With “Underskin Harmony“ we have all these moments on one EP. Let’s start with “Choose The Harmony“, bride and warm and with smart vocals – a perfect summer tune. “ More tempo, more pressure – “In The Dark“ is already a hit from her energetic live sets. It’s a kind of magic in this track, pumping and upfront. “Free“ is a hymn and “Modular Dream“ brings you softly back to earth. The playground is open, let’s use it.

Stay tuned for the previews.

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