Prismo releases emotive new single – Breathe


Trailblazing US producer/singer/songwriter Prismo unleashes all the emotions in his latest single, Breathe, out now via Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom.

Download it here.

The tune is underpinned by substance and soul which emanate through the keys and Prismo’s vocals in this future bass smash. Both lyrically and musically, Prismo is pushing his sound beyond anything he’s produced before, to bring us a track that is a truly stunning example of emotive and innovative song writing.

Talking about the track, Prismo says: “Breathe is about freeing myself from stress and unhealthy relationships. When I learned how to separate myself from unnecessary problems, I could finally breathe. I wanted the uplifting melodies of this song to express the positive outcome of my experiences, and give encouragement to people who feel overwhelmed by their circumstances.”

At just 21, Prismo has had a striking start on the scene. Since the release of his 2016 debut EP Distant Minds, this Texan has played some of the most notorious club and festival stages of The Lone Star State. While Prismo is known for his take on future bass with hip hop, alternative rock and indie dance influences, Breathe is the perfect follow-up showcasing his underlying song writing talent and passion for live instrumentals. His undeniably dynamic shows incorporate live keys, drums and vocals as well as classic DJ mixing, and we can’t wait to see Prismo incorporate Breathe into his shows this summer.


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