PROFF Releases Meditative Progressive House Single “Nibbana”

proff nibbana

Russian progressive house tastemaker PROFF returned to Monstercat today with his ethereal new single, “Nibbana.”

Drawing inspiration from both organic and progressive styles, PROFF masterfully crafts an otherworldly and immersive soundscape. The bright synth leads, warm atmospheric pads, and soft chords blend perfectly together, forming a hypnotic melody.

His signature “Proffgressive” sound is found in the deep bassline and crisp percussion that sustain gentle but upbeat energy throughout the track. With its dreamy atmosphere, “Nibbana” is the perfect guide through soothing meditation sessions or relaxing yoga workouts.

PROFF shares, “I’ve been experimenting a lot with blending organic and progressive house. With “Nibbana,” however, I leaned more into the progressive domain.”


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