PROFF Returns To Monstercat Under Drum & Bass Alias Soultorque Alongside Fon.Leman For Melodic New Single “Solar Wind”

proff solar wind

Russian producer PROFF returned to Monstercat Silk today under his fan-favourite drum & bass alias, Soultorque. Accompanied by Russian artist Fon.Leman, the duo unveiled their new track, “Solar Wind”.

The ethereal single is the perfect combination of soothing melodies, atmospheric chords, and dark, gritty basses. The crisp dnb drums and deep bass wobbles breathe energy and life into this otherworldly melodic track.

PROFF shares, “Soultorque is my child, that has nothing to do with the career chase, I’m just happy to share my vision of Drum and Bass with my audience. It is something I do purely because I love it so much.”

Fon.Leman adds, “This is more than just music, this is progressive.”

PROFF has repeatedly ranked in the Top 100 Beatport charts and earned support from industry titans like Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Ilan Bluestone, Jaytech, and more. At a young age, he attained classical music education across art and jazz schools, becoming proficient in piano and saxophone.

During the early 2000s, he discovered the world of electronic music and immersed himself in the DJ space, picking up residencies, studio work, and eventually, deals with iconic labels like Silk Music – now Monstercat Silk.

Fon.Leman has been producing music since the age of 13, drawing inspiration from Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Hybrid, and The Crystal Method.

Over the years, he has produced many different genres including industrial, trance, and techno, however, Fon.Leman’s unique sound stems from his fusion of progressive and trance elements, creating his lauded “Ibiza Style”


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