Protostar Unveils Melodic Drum & Bass Single “There And Back”

protostar there and back

Monstercat veteran and drum & bass producer Protostar returned to the label today for his newest melodic masterpiece, “There and Back”.

Listeners can look forward to hearing Protostar’s signature sound as the upbeat chord stabs, melodic vocal chops, and subtle synth melody perfectly accompany the energetic drums and deep, glitchy basslines.

“There and Back” fully showcases Protostar’s musical prowess as it’s the perfect marriage of glitch hop and drum & bass sonic elements; fit for late-night gaming sessions.

Protostar shares, “I have been very excited to release this one for a while! I think it captures the melodic side of my music perfectly and has a lot of cross-influence with my previous songs, especially ‘New Horizons,’ some little homages in there!”


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