Gold Award-Winning Duo Quarterhead Join Late Nine On ‘Spin Me Right Round’

quarterhead spin me right now

Making their glorious return to the release radar, multiple gold and platinum award-winning duo Quarterhead teams up with Late Nine for their latest sonic endeavor, ‘Spin Me Right Round’.

Following directly on the heels of their August-released single ‘System Overload’ with Camden Cox, the mesmerizing new single reimagines Crazy Town’s iconic 1991 hit ‘Butterfly’ and Dead or Alive’s legendary 1985 new wave-anthem ‘Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)’, instilling it with newfound dance elements. ‘Spin Me Right Round’ is due for release on September 16th via Universal Music.

‘Spin Me Right Round’ is a vibrant offering that immediately kicks off with atmospheric production elements, paired alongside propelling bass and a compelling vocal cut.

Leaving the iconic melody of Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’ very much intact, the track audibly boasts a textured string riff that can be heard throughout the entirety of the track, transporting listeners to a euphoric soundscape. Dead or Alive’s iconic vocal line takes the focal point, building a slow-rising tension before unleashing an intoxicating beat drop that lulls listeners into an entrancing daze. Blending the most standout components of both originals, “Spin Me Right Round” brings the refrain into a dance-infused and contemporary setting that is sure to resonate with a modern audience.

“You Spin Me Right Round started as a fun mashup while DJing with a beat from our friends Late Nine. The crowd’s reaction was nuts, plus it felt really special to us so we decided to turn it into a record. Quite the unusual way for us to start a song but the vibe was undeniable and we’re more than happy to finally share it with the world!” – Quarterhead

Having served as one of the most intriguing talents on the scene for several years now, Quarterhead continues to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the musical space.

Making a name for themselves by lending a hand to chart-topping tracks and world renowned musicians, the duo’s latest offering serves as a premier example of their meticulous production capabilities and infectious sound design. Continuing to forge their own path, ‘Spin Me Right Round’ makes another milestone in their slew of recent releases and serves as a stellar addition to Quarterhead’s thriving discography.


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