Raiden ft. Bright Lights – Heart Of Steel (Official Music Video)


Following the official release of their debut collaboration back in January on Protocol Recordings, Raiden and Bright Lights return with the stunning video accompaniment to ‘Heart Of Steel’.

Directed by Cedar Films’ Kyle Padilla, the official music video can be streamed here.

The video follows a young, part-robotic girl seeking avengement for her father’s murder by an infamous thug gang. Through parallel action and flashbacks, the video shows the girl’s life journey, from the development of her robotic characteristics – metallic bones and, of course, a heart of steel – and the murder of her father, to the avengement of her father’s death; championing a clandestine fight against the thug gang responsible for his murder. Director Padilla’s “Pixar thriller super hero” vision perfectly encapsulates the out-of-this-world and futuristic sound that Raiden has mastered in ‘Heart Of Steel’. The powerful female characters and emotive storyline resonate with Bright Lights’ commanding topline, resulting in a truly mesmerising video accompaniment.


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