RAM & Darren Porter – The Calling

darren porter

A sublime link between label boss RAM and trance master Darren Porter gave life to this unwaveringly trance anthem that will turn the Grotesque 300 dancefloor into lava! A luscious synth line and an insane amount of massive beats are the backbone of this banger embellished with empowering and haunting vocals! This is what trance is made of!

Created as the official anthem for the iconic Grotesque Indoor Festival 300: Mardi Gras, hosted on December 9th in Rotterdam’s memorable Maassilo venue, the track is the first collaboration of these two trance maestros, who will be performing at the event.

Over the last few years Darren Porter has built a steady reputation for driving and hard euphoric uplifting remixes known to deliver huge energy, all of them being supported by some of the biggest DJ’s on the planet. The British producer’s dance floor destroying tracks gave him the platform to perform across the globe at world renown events such as Transmission and Trancefusion in Czech Republic, Grotesque, Luminosity and Quest4Trance in The Netherlands, Digital Society and Goodgreef in UK, Techno Club and Legendary Festival in Germany and Next Universe in Switzerland.

RAM on the other hand has had one of his best years to date. His Grotesque brand has gone international, hosting events in several continents, including its own stage at the iconic Electronic Family Festival for several years now. The Grotesque label is one of the most active labels in the industry, having a weekly release across its several platforms and consistently keeping presence in the Beatport Top 10. 2017 saw the release of several compilations, including the Grotesque Reworked & Remixed, featuring Tiesto, JES, Airscape, First State, Salt Tank, Mr. Sam, Jordan Suckley, Dogzilla, Mark Norman, as well as the annual Grotesque 300 compilation coming out mid December.


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