Rameses B ups the pace with “Prometheus”!


Rameses B ups the pace with his latest release “Prometheus”.

The subtle build up transitions seamlessly into a staccato beat making for a tune great for bopping along. The UK native has no bounds as he continues to blends genres to create heavy hitting tracks. “I’ve always been interested in fusing different genres together and experiment to bring about an outcome that sounds unique and interesting whilst balancing the characteristics of each style. This is the first time I’ve combined psytrance and drum and bass, the result is a progressive and ever-evolving track that takes the listener on a journey. This could spark future iterations of the psy-dnb genre.” Be the first to listen to Rameses B’s psy-dnb track “Prometheus”!

About Rameses

Rameses has been a passionate music producer since the age of 13. Based in Leeds, UK he is best known for the melodic textures and ambient soundscapes that evoke different emotions within his music. His philosophical side is expressed through the music, bringing a deeper understanding to nature, science and a broader sense of perspective and wonder to the listener.


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