Rameses B Announces Liquid DnB ‘Sonder’ EP Features Veela And Gracie Van Brunt

rameses b sonder

There’s no better way to send off 2021 and kickstart the new year than with the spirited sounds of Rameses B.

After stirring up anticipation with “When You Dream,” the UK tastemaker emerges with invigorating drum and bass EP, ‘Sonder’.

Out January 21st via Liquicity, ‘Sonder’ fully exemplifies Rameses B’s polished repertoire and rightfully propels the artist to the upper echelons of liquid DnB.

Pulsing with atmospheric decadence, ‘Sonder’’s gossamer tones thrust listeners into an enchanted otherworld. From the forthcoming EP’s start to finish, Ramses B effortlessly conjures pure magic with a whir of light drums and aqueous melodies. Featuring soaring vocals by Veela and Gracie Van Brunt, ‘Sonder’ transcends with ambient soundscapes and liquified DnB breakdowns. Perfect for any and every occasion, ‘Sonder’ is a spellbinding addition to Ramses B’s undeniably addictive catalogue.

“Sonder EP is about realising that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. This is why each track has its own vibe – they may be the same genre but they have different characteristics to make them unique in their own way.” – Rameses B

Since his humble beginnings in 2003, English producer Rameses B has released a slew of electronic tunage ranging from DnB and dubstep to trance. Intent on weaving tales through sound, Rameses B has earned his flowers with a catalogue riddled with rich tonality. Admirably driven with the talent to match, the renowned beatmaker has graced Monstercat, NCS, and even Rocket League with his mesmerizing tunes. With many years of industry experience under his belt, Rameses B is sure to have a suitable track for any mood and listener in his backlog of 140+ songs.

Full Sonder Tracklist:

When You Dream
Against The Grain feat. Veela
Haunted Hearts feat. Gracie Van Brunt


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