Rameses B Delivers First Full-Length Project On Monstercat in Eight Years With Stunning Drum & Bass EP ‘Space Boy’

rameses b space boy

Renowned UK drum and bass producer Rameses B returned to Monstercat today, revealing the rest of his seven-track EP, ‘Space Boy.’

Featuring collaborations with label-favourites like Feint, Laura Brehm, and Veela, ‘Space Boy’ arrives as his first full-length release with Monstercat since 2014. The sweeping synths, bright arpeggiators, and deep basses in the single “Looking for the Light” are reminiscent of Rameses’ early signature style that transformed him into the household name he is today.

While the EP commemorates his resounding success and tenure at the label, it also ushers in a new era for Rameses as the powerful lyricism, polished songwriting, and refined production techniques reflect an evolution of his sound. With its lush melodies and uplifting energy, ‘Space Boy’ takes listeners on an ethereal journey through a masterfully crafted cosmic soundscape.

Rameses B shares, “‘Space Boy’ is a collection of seven tracks. Each song is melodically crafted to bring its own mood and tone to serve as an atmospheric concept, ranging from melodic drum and bass to chillout and melodic dubstep.”

‘Space Boy’ EP Tracklist:

1. Don’t Need You – Rameses B & Laura Brehm
2. Lonely – Rameses B
3. Glow – Rameses B
4. Echoes – Rameses B (feat. Veela)
5. Looking for the Light – Rameses B & Laura Brehm
6. Space Boy – Rameses B, Feint, & Veela
7. I’m Broken – Rameses B


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