Rameses B, Feint, And Veela Team Up For Vibrant Drum & Bass Single “Space Boy”

rameses b space boy

Following the release of his emotional melodic bass single “Don’t Need You,” Rameses B returned to Monstercat today, teaming up with renowned drum and bass producer Feint and singer-songwriter Veela.

The bright synths, warm chords, and beautiful vocals on their collaborative single, “Space Boy” blend perfectly together, culminating in a cosmic soundscape. With the thumping drums and pulsating bass driving the track forward, “Space Boy” embodies the transcendental feeling of hurtling through space at hyperspeed.

Rameses B shares, “This is the first official collaboration between Feint, Veela, and I, and we wanted to create something special for our listeners. The feeling you get from this track will have you traveling through space with uplifting melodies, deep breakdowns, and heart-warming vocals. It’s been an absolute pleasure creating together, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

Veela also comments, “Please enjoy this idealistic galactic love story!”


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