Raz & Afla To Release “Mama Weja” EP

raz & afla mama weja

From their East London studio, Raz Olsher and Afla Sackey are creating a truly exciting brand of afro-house deeply anchored in West African musical traditions, with big, lush vocal harmonies and an organic production style that lets acoustic percussion truly speak.

A unique musical fusion which owes much to its creators’ experience, as true mainstays of the London music scene for the past twenty years, as well as a thoughtful artistic approach in which modernity and tradition maintain an ongoing dialogue.

After various releases for Beating Heart, Afro Zone and Fossil Sounds, Raz & Afla are unveiling “Mama Weja”, a new 5-track EP exploring even further their unprecedented, West African-infused take on afro-house with politically charged lyrics, setting the tone for their upcoming debut album, to be released by Mawimbi later this year.

With a driving, melodic bassline and a frantic balafon pattern, EP title track and next single “Mama Weja” slowly unfolds as an epic afro-house track, reminiscent of the work of Auntie Flo. Afla’s beautiful vocals turn from a heady, powerful chorus to rhythmic incantations, revealing the track’s twofold identity.


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