Raz Simone releases new album – Drive Theory

drive theory

The hip-hop star Raz Simone has released a brand new album Drive Theory, which is a dynamic showcase of his musical and lyrical prowess.

Cementing his place in the field, as one of the most in-demand artists, he came into limelight with his debut solo EP Solomon Samuel Simone. He also has collaborated with the likes of Pusha T on “That Ain’t Love” and is the CEO of Black Umbrella which is a music label and an artist collective.

Starting off with the melodic, yet dark-sounding ‘Just Begun’ the album creates a melancholic beginning. ‘Bodies’, also has a very soothing background as the verses make all the hard impact. With ‘Gon Come’, the artist continues to maintain the nature of production as the previous two. Starting off with melodic piano works, ‘White Collar’ is subtle and dusky. ‘Same Car’ also has a similar feel to it.

‘Never a Thang’ is popped up with some deep piano chords and bass-filled kicks, and ‘Lock & Loud’ soothes you with a vintage feel as the chorus makes you want to groove all bad-ass. ‘Hatred’ and ‘While He Dreams’ is set to take you deep into the emotive feels of the lyrical abyss.

‘Where’d My Real Niggaz Go’ is absolutely enigmatic in its texture and has great rhymes rolling off in sync with the beats! One would definitely be grooving to ‘I Sell Drugs’ in a manner that’s mystic and dark. Finally, it ends with the laidback nature of the deep music of ‘Streets All Day’, soothed by some violin works too.

With eight projects under his belt, Raz continues to push the boundaries with music that speaks towards deep personal truths. “I have certain recurring themes in my music and psychology, and the strive towards mental self-awareness is one of them,” adds Raz.

“Drive Theory, by definition, is a psychology term that states that everyone and everything is born with intrinsic psychological needs,” Raz continues. “It also states that an organism will seek to achieve a level of stability associated with achieving these needs. These needs include a need for food as well as protection and a level of happiness and achievement.  Without these proper levels, an individual will continue to push themselves until the levels needed are achieved. I felt that this concept fit perfectly with my life, music and this body of work and its position in my discography.”

Raz has been a reckoning force in the industry and has also played with the likes of Travis Scott, Young Jeezy, Lil Dicky, Die Antwoord and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Raz Simone’s Drive Theory is available worldwide now.


1. Just Begun

2. Bodies

3. Gon Come

4. White Collar

5. Same Car

6. Never a Thang

7. Lock & Load

8. Hatred

9. While He Dreams

10. Where’d My Real Niggaz Go

11. I Sell Drugs

12. Streets All Day


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