REAPER Blesses Nitepunk’s “Miracle” With a Thrashing Drum & Bass Rework

nitepunk miracle reaper remix

Nitepunk enlists the shadowy enigma REAPER to go bonkers on his latest single “Miracle” via a firestorm of a drum & bass rework on HARD Recs.

By their very definition, miracles were never intended to strike in the same place twice. But the laws of nature have somehow been defied as two acts of a higher power have fallen in our good graces. The first of which was manifested in February, when the genre-anarchist known as Nitepunk swooped in with his sophomore single on HARD Recs, taking the shape of an adrenaline-rushing breaks number named “Miracle.”

It was by all intents and purposes an otherworldly portrayal of the sheer power a breakbeat track can carry when in the right hands. A few months on now, and the work of wonder is getting sanctified by another godsend producer who has been reconfiguring the drum & bass formula with a rage-filled vehemence.

Nitepunk enlists the shadowy enigma REAPER to go bonkers on his latest single “Miracle” via a firestorm of a drum & bass rework on HARD Recs.

REAPER is the remixer in question, a producer shrouded in mystery that can only be identified by the trail of anabolic jump-up creations he’s scattered across the DnB space. His inimitable approach to bass music puts him in the same category as Nitepunk, which evidently makes him qualified to offer up his interpretation of the number the only way he knows how: Forged in pure fury.

The soul of the original remains untouched, but the reincarnation takes on a face-melting existence through a mélange of thrashing guitar riffs, painstakingly intricate drum patterns, violent low-end, and a maddening level of intensity that couldn’t have been manmade.

“‘Miracle’ to me has a massive world inside it, it carries a very specific type of energy,” says Nitepunk. “It’s haunted, fierce, beautiful, and passionate—I can visually see all of these things. When it was time to remix it, I clearly saw how REAPER with his sound and look and energy would be critical to this remix.

As I expected and (didn’t expect), he absolutely killed this remix, kept the original essence, and added rocket fuel on the fire. Having him make a remix for ‘Miracle’ made a lot of sense to me and I’m super glad this happened. “

“The pacing and uniqueness of this remix composes a perfect image of my excitement for drum and bass in this upcoming festival season,” REAPER adds. “Nitepunk’s original production motivated me to abandon many of my previous rules of production and arrangement. It’s a miracle to me that I managed to make all my favorite intense elements work together—from the churning metal guitars and drum breaks to the freeform Reese bass melodies.”

Nitepunk gifted the bass community with “Miracle” at the start of 2021, a stunning creation that followed suit with his HARD Recs debut the year prior. “Flow” was an equally transformative experience etched in the same manner of boundary-pushing breaks as its current counterpart.

The single was also staggered by a forward-thinking remix, one that brought the French phenom Habstrakt into the fold to translate the tune for house enthusiasts. With two sensational singles already locked with the label, Nitepunk is gearing up for a highly anticipated performance at this year’s HARD Summer festival in SoCal later this year.

Another Insomniac Music Group familiar, REAPER has been holding it down for the Bassrush Records crew with a string of high-caliber singles. His last recent appearance came as recent as last month via the ballistic “MAKE A MOVE.” Last year, he came in hot with a carpet-bombing stomper by the name of “Pulse,” which was preceded by his label debut alongside Awoltalk on the chaos-driven “Hysteria.” His often sinister and aggressive stance on drum & bass has allowed him to amass over 7.5M streams worldwide, sowing a cataclysmic discog that is pushing the genre into the next generation.

From its supernatural sound design down to its raw and unadulterated firepower, REAPER’s “Miracle” remix is unquestionably going to be a blessing every single time it gets rinsed out once festivals are back on the table.


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