ReauBeau teases upcoming EP with new Hip-Hop influenced Bass track – Alright

ReauBeau Alright

If your 2019 hasn’t been smooth sailing so far, look no further – ReauBeau has you covered with his new future bass single “Alright,” out on Snavs’s Riotville Records.

The Dutch producer has coined his sound up-and-coming producer has coined the term “future hip-hop” for his signature sound, which he delivers by fusing elements several music genres in an experimental but masterful style. The track’s lyrics cultivate a cathartic, inspirational vibe while also being groove-worthy thanks to ReauBeau’s downtempo, reverberating basslines. “Alright” is the exciting prelude to his upcoming 7-track debut EP “CTRL.” For now, press play on “Alright” and see why Tiesto called ReauBeau ” the most exciting artist in the future bass scene.”

Dutch DJ and producer ReauBeau may not be a household name just yet, but he’s been making waves since launching his music project in 2015. Armed with a unique fusion of future bass and hip-hop, ReauBeau has released on major labels such as Elysian, Trap City Rec., and Lowly Palace. His music made an impression on Tiesto, which led to a guest mix for the legendary producer on BBC’s Radio 1 and Tiesto’s official remix of ReauBeau and Snav’s track “Dreams,” which was released on Musical Freedom’s subsidiary label AFTR:HRS. After working with Riotville label boss Snav on their collaboration “Dreams,” ReauBeau prepares to unveil his debut EP “CTRL” on the imprint, comprised of seven dynamic new tracks. Stay tuned for the release date of “CTRL” and more exciting music coming from ReauBeau this year.


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