Rebecca Perl and Tep No team up on vibrant new single – Keepin’ It Cool

it Cool

Los Angeles-based artist, singer/songwriter Rebecca Perl and Canadian DJ/ producer Tep No have done it again, this time delivering a fresh new single – Keepin’ it Cool (Tep No Edit).

Rebecca Perl’s vocals are laid back, playful and sensual, all of which adds an air of mystery to the project. “Keepin it Cool,” feels like a summer breeze that’s brushing through your ears. The smooth production is simultaneously chill and upbeat, possessing a groove that provides listeners with danceability and depth.

“The song has so much potential, when I first heard it, I thought it would be a perfect fit for a Tep No Records release. I totally relate to the lyrics, about being so shy to ask people out or to make a move at least, so you’re trying to act like the bigger person when really, you’re missing out on the chances you don’t take,” Tep No shares.

Underneath the song’s cool exterior lies a vulnerable core. “The song touches on the early stages of any blossoming relationship, where each person tries to figure out what cards to show off the bat,” admits Rebecca Perl. “It’s about the early push and pull we all know. We never wanna show too much, too early!”

The alluring vibe of “Keep it Cool,” shows us just enough to have us wanting for more each time.


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