6 Day Of August – Mama Mix EP [Them Flavors]


Russian footwork and juke artist 6 Day Of August (Ilya Gorbunov) is releasing his Mama Mix EP today, which is by no coincidence Mother’s Day, on Chicago label and party collective Them Flavors.

The Mama Mix EP, which features remixes by Big Hank and Formally Unknown, is about the power of motherly love. The Saint Petersburg-born artist, who is currently serving in the Russian military for mandatory service, explains, “My mother showed me what is love. She made me the way I am now. Now it’s my turn, and I want express it in music. This song I would like to remind the most important person in the life of each of us – our mothers.”

Happy Mother’s Day from 6 Day Of August & Them Flavors!


1. 6 Day Of August – Mama Mix

2. 6 Day Of August – Mama Mix (Big Hank Remix)

3. 6 Day Of August – Mama Mix (Formally Unknown Remix)


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