Uppermost – Whisper (feat. Jessica Gabrielle)


Hailing from Paris, Uppermost has spent the last 4 years securing his reputation as one of the smoothest beat-makers in the game.

Now this French phenomenon is back with ‘Whisper’, the third installment from his forthcoming ‘Impact’ EP, set for release via his own imprint UPPWIND, April 22.



A step away from the deep house textures of his previous release, ‘Watch You Blaze’, Uppermost opts this time around for more of a chill-step vibe, drawing on the smooth and salacious vocals of Jessica Gabrielle. Laced with synth-infused harmonies and intricate melodic piano riffs, the track pulses and builds towards a climatic and atmospheric end. Signifying another switch-up in style for Uppermost, ‘Whisper’ further demonstrates the Frenchman’s versatility and originality as a producer.


Captivating audiences the world over with his authentic and diverse back catalogue of releases, Uppermost has certainly made his mark on France’s electronic music scene. Taking cues from the ‘French Touch’ movement and finding inspiration from the likes of Daft Punk and Justice, Uppermost has consistently brought eclectic productions to the table without let-up. His Impact EP, out April 22, will see this trend continue, as fans can look forward to another three unreleased and unique tracks.


1. Hold Me Up (feat. Vita Schmidt)
2. Watch You Blaze (feat. Dutch Party)
3. Impact
4. Cyclic Control
5. Whisper (feat. Jessica Gabrielle)
6. Talisman (feat. Lisa Alma)


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