RemK Rides A Wave Of Nostalgia On Trap-Powered Two-Tracker ‘Beach Day / Thought Spiral’

remk beach day/thought spiral

Long Beach native RemK makes his debut on NIGHTMODE with the exceptional two-track release ‘Beach Day / Thought Spiral.’

Arriving as part of the label’s 11th season of releases, the contrasting cuts show two distinct sides of RemK’s style while carrying a beach-inspired thematic tie-in.

RemK is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after stars in the new wave of electronic trap. He’s slated to host his debut headline show at the Moroccan Lounge in LA on June 10th, and has upcoming festival appearances at Beyond Wonderland PNW, Lollapalooza, Chasing Summer, Moonrise, and Nocturnal Wonderland.

“Beach Day” leads off the pack with a carefree and cheery air. Upbeat piano keys and pitched vocals create a sense of elation. You can practically feel the sun warming your skin and the ocean breeze blowing through your hair. Swinging horn stabs and bright marimba hits add to the energetic offering, creating a sense of depth while enhancing the serotonin-boosting atmosphere. Moving between bouncy club beats and a wonky trap call-and-response, RemK proves his mastery in genre-bending. The first half plays like a fun-filled afternoon romp, while the latter half sees day turn to night with a darker and more trippy escape. Approachable yet inventive, “Beach Day” exudes a spirit of exhilaration that will have you coming back for more.

Exploring RemK’s melodic side comes the evocative “Thought Spiral.” Rolling waves and inviting birds chirping keep the setting consistent with its predecessor despite the mood shift. The upbeat exuberance is replaced with a sense of nostalgic melancholy. The bent vocals are sewn with an underlying pain and sense of longing. Emotive soundscapes and draggy drums are balanced by powerful melodic leads that possess a sense of triumph. It’s an engrossing push-and-pull embodying a mental spiral and the desire to move on. Beautiful, painful, and hopeful, “Thought Spiral” is an immersive anthem that furthers RemK’s diverse artistic arsenal.

“‘Beach Day’ and ‘Thought Spiral’ are two tracks that represent different points in my life; both feeling super nostalgic and fun to me, and I hope that feeling translates when you listen.”- RemK


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