REZZ shares a teaser of her collaboration with Deadmau5 [LISTEN]

rezz deadmau5

REZZ has always been in the news for the past 2 years for the kind of amazing music that she’s been producing. Since the time the young producer joined Mau5trap in 2016, people have been waiting for a collaboration between Deadmau5 and her and there’s good news for all those have been waiting.

REZZ tweeted that she’s been working on music at the Deadmau5 studio and said she feels spoiled getting access to all of Joel’s noises!

As if that was wasn’t enough to create the buzz, she also posted a 70-second long video, of her spending time in Joel’s studio. Although it didn’t feature Deadmau5 himself in the video, the music gave a good hint of what one could expect from the collaboration. Whatever they may be creating, it will definitely be a treat for all the music fans!

Check out the video here:

Header image courtesy: EDM Sauce


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