REZZ Debuts Collaboration With Malaa At Her Personal Show In Colorado

rezz malaa collaboration

DJ/producer REZZ AKA Spacemom surprised her fans with a debut of her long-awaited collaboration with Malaa at her personal show “Rezz rocks II” held in Colorado.

The producers teased their collaboration just over a month ago on Twitter with REZZ responding to Malaa saying “Hahaha we making fire”, which did brew up a lot of excitement in both their fan bases. However, not much has been said since then.

At the second annual “REZZ rocks”, this bass-driven monster sounding track was premiered without any banger alerts whilst Malaa’s name popped up next to REZZ on the LED screen. The track is a perfect blend of Spacemom’s signature sound and Malaa’s ghetto house, making it a sure shot banger and a future favourite for all the fans.

Featured below is a small video of REZZ and Malaa collaboration played live at REZZ rocks II.

The track was also played by Malaa in his set at nocturnal wonderland

The annual show also featured many unreleased tracks that left fans in awe.

Stay tuned to the page for more information on release date and title.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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