Richard Durand’s new album is a real treat for trance fans

Richard Durand The Air We Breathe

It has been quite a long time since we saw an album release from the master producer Richard Durand. After a silent period since the release of the 2012 album Richard Durand Versus The World, the producer is now back with a brand new collection of music – The Air We Breathe.

The last 14 months have seen this veteran work on some new music, which now gives birth to 19 amazing tracks which are compiled on this album. With a new approach to music, the artist has largely focused on creating music all by himself while also making artistic collaborations with the likes of Marco V, Mark Sherry, and Seid van Riel. The album also features the distinct voices of Christina Novelli and Mike Schmidt, making the collection a real treat for music lovers.

Insolidus plays the role of introducing the album and truly churns out a ton of emotions. With tracks like The Air I Breathe, Land Of Angels and Kill The Fear, the producer has tried to give his vintage music a modern flavor. The remix of Geert Huinink’s The Sacred Vine takes you to a whole new world- a world of happiness and bliss. The production starts to get aggressive as we approach the tracks Skies Above, Aida and Lotus, which truly remind you why Richard is such a revered name.

There’s no holding back the producer from there on, as energy simply keeps building up- thanks to the tracks like Pandora, Cosmic Dawn, Vortex and Toxic. To give the pack a fitting climax, the tracks Savage, Pelican Rouge, Boogieman, Enigma, Laguna cast their spell on you before one finally comes to the end of the album with Christina Novelli’s incredible vocals on The Air I Breathe.

With each mix, Durand has created something truly special. All the learnings from the past six years, both on the personal and professional fronts, have taken shape in the form of this emotive, dynamic, and intimate pack of music. Every dance music fan will certainly have a broad smile on their face at the end of this album. Here’s the full track list:

01. Insolidus (with Geert Huinink) (Intro Mix)
02. The Air I Breathe
03. Land Of Angels
04. Kill The Fear (with Mike Schmid)
05. Geert Huinink – The Sacred Vine (Richard Durand Remix)
06. The Skies Above
07. Aida
08. Lotus
09. Universal Minds (with Sied van Riel)
10. Pandora
11. Cosmic Dawn (with Mark Sherry)
12. Vortex (with Marco V)
13. Toxic
14. Savage
15. Pelican Rouge
16. Boogieman
17. Enigma
18. Lagun
19. The Air I Breathe (with Christina Novelli)

Download the album here and share it with your friends right now!

Pavan Kumar


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