Ricky Breaker feat. Kyle Massey – Breaker Breaker

Ricky Breaker

Wall Recordings returns in sparkling form with an unforgettable single player from Surinam’s latest and greatest export, Ricky Breaker.

What do you get when you combine hip hop with a Caribbean sound? Absolute mayhem! Afrojack recently played this track in one of his gigs at a club, and received a great response. It’s called ‘Breaker Breaker’ and is out now on his label – Wall Recordings.

Download/stream here.

The track has you hooked from the very first second with a catchy intro, and keeps you engaged with the hip hop vocals that culminates into an incredible build up, which leads to an energetic, groovy drop that’ll set any dance floor on fire . But the track really peaks during the verse after the first drop where the piano is smartly used in the background to lead up to absolute monster of a second drop that makes you absolutely lose your mind and dance.

All in all, this is an absolutely perfect track to blast during festival sets and at a club. Ricky’s Caribbean influence is used to create a monstrous electro hip hop track.

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