Rising Indian Singer Rakshana Sridhar Releases New single, “Away” feat. WhoIsMD

rakshana sridhar away

A couple of months ago, our attention turned towards a track called “Happy Again” from young Indian talents, WhoIsMD and Rakshana Sridhar.

This was their first ever release and we thought they did a really great job on it!

Following up to that, Rakshana Sridhar and WhoIsMD have now released another single in “Away”, which also has a music video – which the first collaboration didn’t have.

This track clearly has magical vocal works backed by absolutely captivating production. WhoIsMD has been phenomenal with his production, making the track absolutely soothing while keeping an uplifting tempo, while the entire track is held up by Rakshana’s vocal works.

The track truly shows that Indian music has everything to make it big internationally! What do you think?

Pavan Kumar


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