The New Release From Rome In Silver Makes Things ‘Better’!

rome in silver better

A first taste of Rome in Silver’s upcoming debut album is finally here!

Released via Seeking Blue Records a fresh, anthemic feel permeates ‘Better’, bringing back memories of warmer days and nights of breakbeats meets rock. The track is an ear-wormy dance track that’s sure to make you want to dance the night away. It’s a perfect combination of breakbeat and bass for today’s time.

“I started Rome in Silver in 2014 after I had a dream where I was walking through Rome and the walls of the buildings were dripping in a liquid silver. To me the liquid represents flowing freely, which is the way I approach making music. I want my fans to expect the unexpected, There is something for everyone. I touch on love, the fear of getting older, insecurities, and feeling like I don’t fit in.”
– Rome in Silver

Vinny Pisciotta, better known as Rome in Silver, is drawn to the vibrant and bass-forward foundations of dance music.Born and raised in Murrieta, California, the talented artist-producer grew up in a small town. The lack of things to do prompted RIS to take up music. His superlative singles such as “Fool,” “Skin,” or “Fade” demonstrate his impeccable knack for layering tactful melodies over plenty of low-end vigour. Having made his debut in 2016, Rome in Silver has found a considerable niche in the fluttery corners of the electronic spectrum. Lightning, Forever Flame, and Makeshift Moon are some of his key releases in his ‘Elemental Series’.

With innovative production, catchy melodies, and unique rhythms, RIS is also set to put to his debut album. It will be exciting to see what this promising producer comes up with!

Shantanu Gursal


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